The entire process of making the samples, from design to production, is fully implemented by the specialists of Danz, who have undergone training in Italy.  Despite the fact that the production was founded in 2017, the company is already a leading manufacturer and exporter of eyewear on the territory of CIS.

The cellulose acetate that is used for the production of frames, is of the highest quality: it is flexible, lightweight, heat-resistant and the most important, anti-allergic. Frames of spectacles are manufactured with the process of milling from the acetate sheet, which is leading by its quality in the production of frames all around the world. In this way, the molecular structure of acetate is kept whole and this particular production technique ensures the high level of flexibility and durability for each pair of glasses.After the production cycle, which also includes a manual process of grinding, polishing and assembly, Danz presents its customers the final product of a superior quality.